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Jackson Trawls, Pollution Net

Jackson Trawls Ltd. has a wealth of experience and skills, which have been combined to offer clients a responsive and efficient service in the marine pollution control field.

The experience gained by Jackson Trawls in the fishing industry has lead to the development of the most revolutionary oil containment barrier. The Jackson Pollution Net has been developed and tested using the knowledge, skills and experience gained from many years of manufacturing and operating in the marine environment.

Manufacture is undertaken at our modern factory in Peterhead, Scotland, where the company's reputation for quality workmanship, material and reliability is second to none.

Jackson Trawls, Pollution Nets

Quality control throughout the manufacturing process is extremely important and each component is individually tested and checked prior to leaving the factory.

The Jackson Pollution Net is of simple design, yet of robust construction and provides ease of handling and deployment coupled with minimal maintenance.

The net can deployed round a pollutant in lengths limited only by the storage space available onboard the deploying vessel. As the net moves with the wind and water, it can be allowed to drift with the current while the contained pollution is removed.

The Jackson Trawl Net Oil Collection System

The Jackson Trawl Net Oil Collection System

the Jackson Trawl Net Oil Collection System is an over-the-sode recovery method suitable for use with most vessel types. This simple, effective unit can be stocked at strategic locations or onboard rig standby vessels ready for immediate and rapid deployment, in the event of a spill.

The Trawl is ideally suited to smaller spills of high pour point products or emulsified crudes, where the total spilled volume does not justify the mobilization of more costly mechanical equipment. Mounted on both sides the system provides and minimum sweep width of thirty four feet.

Each Collector stock has a capacity of two to four cubic meters, depending on product viscosity and is complete with quick release mechanism to facilitate rapid replacement. Filled Socks can either be recovered to the trawling vessel or buoyed off for subsequent collection or towing to the recovery location.

Systems can be supplied to utilize desisting boom and mast arrangements and can be manufactured to suit individual applications.

The Jackson Tidal Pollution Net

The Tidal Pollution net is specifically designed to contain oil spillage, especially in shallower water.

The net is submerged beneath the slick, held in place around it by a continuous flotation barrier. A weight line at the bottom of the net ensures deployment to the maximum depth while the flotation barrier allows the sides to rise and fall with the tide. The slick is securely contained throughout all tidal conditions until removal is complete.

Advantages are:

  • Secure, effective containment of difficult pollutants
  • Effective in tidal conditions
  • Permanent Buoyancy
  • Rapidly Deployed from any vessel
  • Highly economical
  • Easy to handle and deploy
  • Produced to any required depth
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Mechanical Parts
  • Easy to Store
  • The net is fast, easy and economical to use. In recent tests, 140m of boom were deployed in only 8 minutes

    More information on any of the fishing methods and trawl design can be obtained by contacting us where we'll be delighted to answer any gear requirements which you may have.

    Jackson Trawls Ltd. Blackhouse Industrial Estate, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB42 1BN