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Pelagic Pair trawling | Pelagic Single Trawl

Jackson Trawls, Pelagic Bag full of fish

The largest vessels in the UK are all pelagic ships, many formerly being purse net vessels. Over recent years the importance of the purse net has declined with mid-water trawling gaining ground. Mid water trawling offers the advantage of being able to target the fish in deeper water than a purse net can be set in. Skippers tend to use large circumference, large mesh trawls for mackerel and smaller circumference, smaller mesh trawls for targeting herring, with different specifications on argentine, blue whiting and tuna gear.

Modern pelagic trawling began as a pair fishing method and this is still favoured by much of the fleet today. However with the arrival of the state of the art tank boats which predominate today, vessels with sufficient power to single trawl have become commonplace.

Jackson Trawls was involved in this fishery right from the early days in the UK and has built upon this valuable experience to become the UK's only pelagic trawl manufacturer. Our designs are extremely efficient and we continue to enjoy considerable success in this marketplace. Recently we have worked in conjunction with SINTEF in Hirtshals, Denmark to flume tank model trawls. This research has lead to a number of innovations in improving the water flow in the trawl and therefore improving fishing effectiveness. Modern pelagic fishing can be divided into two separate areas.

Pelagic Pair trawling

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Jackson, Conquest 1900

Pelagic pair trawlers use two winches with the lower winch being attached to a heavy toe weight which is connected in turn to the lower toe of the net. The upper winch is attached to the upper toe. The partner vessel assumes position on the other wing of the net using the same wire arrangement. The trawl is paid out and can be raised or lowered in the water column by means of altering the warp lengths.

A design of particular note is the "Jackson, Conquest 1900" which has proved to be devastatingly effective on occasion catching 1400 tonnes of mackerel in a single haul. The stresses, which this imposes upon a trawl, are large and Jackson Trawls pioneered the use of spliced as opposed to knotted meshes in the forepart of the net to eliminate distortion.


Pelagic Single Trawl

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Jackson Trawla, Lunar Bow Pelagic single trawling has been made possible by the increasing horsepower of modern vessels. The boats use modern buoyant trawl doors such as NETS X-Lite foam doors for which Jackson Trawls are the European agents. The net is set behind the doors with its aspect being adjusted by means of altering the towing speed and the amount of warp, which is paid out. Experienced skippers can adjust the gear accurately enabling them to target the shoals whatever their position in the water column.

Jackson Trawls have developed a range of designs to cover a broad range of vessels with differing horsepower. A design of some note is the "Jackson, Lunar Bow 1640" mackerel trawl with its excellent flow/fishing characteristics.


More information on any of the fishing methods and trawl design can be obtained by contacting us where we'll be delighted to answer any gear requirements which you may have.

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