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Hirtshals, Flume Tank Testing

Jackson Trawls have initiated a research program in order to maximise the efficiency of our already effective pelagic designs. This research has enabled us to test our new optimised flow designs, with the consequent improvement in fishing performance. A further benefit has been the elimination of slack netting reducing drag and eliminating stress loading in critical areas. The tangible benefits of this program have been noted by many of our pelagic customers, including those mentioned below.

Jackson Trawls Flume Tank

M/b Sunbeam, FR 487

Sunbeam Boat

Took delivery of a Jackson 1485 mackerel trawl, with a twisted nylon, hand spliced mouth to eliminate distortion. This net was supplied together with a set of 11.25m˛, X Lite, NETS foam filled trawl doors and two Morgere, maxi-aeroplane kites and Hampidjan float rope on the toes. This set up has been optimised for the Sunbeam, specifically to keep the net higher in the water in shallow depths. Skipper James Duthie has reported dramatically improved fishing performance over his previous net, landing four times in only two weeks.

M/b Maria Magdalena III, G 482

Stephen Conneely and Barclay Hearnon, ordered a trial 28 fathom "Jackson Knife" prawn trawl for their new triple rig trawler. Fishing performance improved dramatically with the Knife net out fishing the other two nets by 1.5 times. Owing to this success they ordered a further two "Jackson Knives" and are now one of the most effective vessels on the West Coast of Ireland, triple rigging with three "Jackson Knives".

Maria Magdalena III

Hirtshals Flume Tank Visit
Mark and Stephen went with a delegation of Scottish whitefish skipper to Sintef’s flume tank in Denmark. They took part in the 3 day trawl technology training course, which focused on trawl design, trawl doors and the forces acting on trawls. A number of different models were looked at including the new generation cod trawl and Jackson Trawls most recent double bag net
Double bag technology on the increase

After making there first double bag trawl almost 5 years ago for m/v Harvest Hope, Jackson Trawls has recently made 7 more double bag trawls of various sizes for different vessels. The recent quota and days restrictions have forced boats to look at various ways of remaining viable. The double bag trawls have an advantage for pair trawl and single trawl boats in that the swept area of the trawl can be significantly increased. This allows them to tow 1 trawl but with the efficiency of twin rigging. While achieving a bigger mouth opening skippers have remarked on the ease of the trawls to tow and the benefit that if they tear one belly the net still fishes as the other belly remains intact.

m/v Christina S takes delivery of 1640mtr Mackerel trawl

The Fraserburgh registered m/v Christina S took delivery of Jackson Trawls most recent designed 1640mtr mackerel trawl. After performing well in the winter mackerel fishery both Ernie and Allan were delighted with the performance of the net, which was achieving a mouth opening of 70 fathom x 35 fathom while still remaining very easy to tow.



Brunton Shaw 'Trawlmaster' warp wire going well

Since beginning to supply Trawlmaster compacted warp wire from British based Brunton Shaw some 18 months ago orders have been increasing steadily. Whats been very encouraging says Arthur “is that skippers have been coming back for repeat orders which is a sure sign that their happy.” Recently Jackson Trawls  have supplied m/v Atlantic Challenge with 3 x 1500 fathoms of 28mm trawlmaster the largest diameter wire they have sold for Brunton Shaw so far.



Jackson Trawls and m/v Harvest Hope experiment


Jackson Trawls and m/v Harvest Hope experimented with self spreading ground gear on a recent trawl made for skipper James Stephen. The plate ground gear set gives more spread to the wings of the trawl but less drag, making the trawl easier to tow. Trials are still ongoing but initial results look very promising with regard to catching efficiency and fuel consumption.



T90 revolution continues

Jackson Trawls the first to turn netting 90˚ in modern pelagic trawl design has continued to push the boundaries in this net design revolution. This last year saw most of the Scottish fleet getting their trawls and bags altered to incorporate T90 sections in them. The advantages they have seen has been better water flow through the trawl which has led to a reduced number of meshed fish in the trawl. Below you can see the difference between a bag with a T90 section and a standard bag.



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