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Jackson Wire Ropes

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Jackson Trawls, Wire Ropes

Jackson Wire Ropes was established in 1993, specifically in order to service the requirements of our trawling customers. We have the capacity to handle wire requirements from 4mm through to 40mm either by skilled hand splicing or our 600 tonne wire press. We are also stockists of premium Trawl warp.

Many of the UK fishing vessel use Jackson Wire Ropes and we supply the pelagic, demersal and prawn sectors of the industry, having the knowledge, skill and experience to meet their varied requirements.

A further service, which is of great value, is specialist spooling machinery in order to enable modern trawlers to wind on new warps at the optimal tension for calibrating computerised auto-trawl systems.


NETS Trawl Doors

Jackson Trawls are the appointed Northern European agents NETS Trawl Doors. In Peterhead we stock a variety of sizes in two particular styles, although other designs are available to order.

Firstly, for pelagic fishing many of the UK vessels favour NETS X-Lite trawl doors having the features outlined below:

Nets pelagic doors

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Jackson Trawls: Nets Pelagic Doors

  • Alloy steel construction
  • Minimal in-water weight allows increased scope ratios, resulting in a30% to 50% increase in spread
  • Fine lines to maximise spread and reduces drag
  • Extremely low centre of gravity for stability
  • Faired leading edges improve hydrodynamics and increases stiffness
  • High - aspect ratio for efficiency and peak performance
  • Secondly, demersal customers favour NETS Hi-Lift trawl doors with the key advantages being outlined below:

    NETS Hi-Lift trawl doors

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    Jackson Trawls: Doors
  • Lower aspect ratio for excellent stability on hard ground
  • Displaced slot increases hydrodynamic spreading power
  • Low centre of gravity for stability (photo of doors on the back of lorry)
  • Alloy steel construction for durability
  • Adjustable bail for depth regulation and angle of attack
  • Reinforced at all critical stress areas
  • Removeable hardened shoe sections
  • Multiple backstrap settings to vary pitch and angle of attack
  • Various sizes in stock at Jackson Trawls Peterhead
  • At present used for Single boat trawling, twin rig trawling, prawn trawling, triple rig and quad trawl

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    Modern fishing vessels require various chandlery products and Jackson Trawls with their total service philosophy carry large stocks of premium quality marine equipment from brands such as:

  • Parsons, top quality chain and connectors.
  • Hackets, premium chain.
  • Blue Line, marine fittings and ironmongery.
  • Silver Line, connectors and terminal ends.
  • Hampidjan, Icelandic seine net rope.
  • Sicor, ropes and twines.
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    More information on any of the fishing methods and trawl design can be obtained by contacting us where we'll be delighted to answer any gear requirements which you may have.

    Jackson Trawls Ltd. Blackhouse Industrial Estate, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB42 1BN